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Branda Madrid of Swanky Interiors will create a unique interior design for each cottage which will be brought to life by a complete 3D digital rendering of each home. These renderings will be available to allow potential buyers the ability to do a virtual walk-thru giving them a complete sense and feel of each cottage.

The design and renderings have been completed for several of the homes. You can click on those below or hover over the Design button at the top of the screen to access them.

#4 Erin

#6 Erin

#7 Edgemoor

#8 Erin

#9 Coho

#10 Betty Jane


Mood boards are visual representations of your ideas for design. They help outline the vision for the house, put together a color scheme, and experiment with various looks.  The following mood boards are just a few examples of common interior design styles that you might see in these homes. 

Mood Boards

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